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Published: 10:10, June 14, 2023 | Updated: 12:29, June 14, 2023
HK Science Fair to boost I&T culture amid nation’s space feat
By Liu Yifan in Hong Kong
Published:10:10, June 14, 2023 Updated:12:29, June 14, 2023 By Liu Yifan in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Innovation Foundation hosts the inaugural Hong Kong Science Fair in 2022, which attracted more than 11,000 visitors. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

With the roll-out of its Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint in December last year, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is going all out to turn itself into a global technology pivot that aligns well with the country’s long-range goal of becoming one of the world’s leading innovative nations.

According to the SAR’s ambitious game plan, the city aims to take the number of startups from 3,985 last year to a record high of about 7,000 by 2030. There would also be at least 100,000 I&T practitioners by that time — more than double the 45,310 in the city in 2020. The manufacturing sector’s share of the local economy would climb from 1 percent in 2020 to 5 percent by 2030, with the industry gaining solid ground through the aid of innovative technologies.

To realize its tech-hub dream, the SAR government has announced a vast array of measures, spearheaded by fostering local innovation culture and talents. I&T-related education is highly promoted at different learning stages.

As part and parcel of efforts to inspire the next generation of innovators, the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation has decided to host the Hong Kong Science Fair following the immense success of its inaugural event last year, which attracted more than 11,000 visitors.

The two-day fair, to be held on June 17 and 18 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, will feature 120 teams from primary and secondary schools showcasing their inventive projects. Public admission is free.

Themed “Think Big, Be Innovative,” the event is expected to foster an innovative ecosystem in Hong Kong by providing young minds with a platform to exhibit their creative ideas and solutions to everyday challenges.

“Young people in Hong Kong are known for their creativity and international perspectives. Local I&T talents have excelled in international competitions in recent years, showcasing their achievements in innovation and research,” said Daryl Ng Win-kong, chairman of the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation.

Organized by the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation, the Hong Kong Science Fair aims to foster students' innovative thinking and cultivate their abilities to explore new solutions. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

“We believe that innovation and technology are the path to the future, and the Hong Kong Science Fair aims to foster students’ innovative thinking, and cultivate their abilities to explore new solutions. We hope that more members of the public will attend and experience the event to support the wonderful creations of the students,” he said.

The fair has received some 400 project submissions from 1,200 teams, including students from Primary 4 to Secondary 6, as well as teachers from 120 local and international schools. The submissions center on four themes — smart city & smart home, medical & healthcare, sustainability, and life full of surprise.

The shortlisted projects highlight students’ ability to identify societal issues and address them with innovative solutions. These projects cover areas like disease prevention, environmental protection and energy conservation, exhibiting students’ empathy for those in need and their concern for societal well-being.

Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry Sun Dong said: “As Hong Kong develops into an international innovation and technology hub, it is important to nurture and pool creative talents. The Hong Kong Science Fair promotes the spirit of I&T and is one of the most important I&T events in Hong Kong. I hope these important I&T events will drive the community to a new level of I&T fervor, which will be conducive to the long-term development of I&T in Hong Kong.”

Among a slew of on-site highlights is an interactive zone featuring the “Development of the Aerospace Industry in HK”, which chimes well with the nation’s drive to scoring space spectaculars.

The national space programs are comprehensive in scope, running across the entire scientific spectrum. Development has gone ahead in leaps and bounds in recent decades, including manned space missions, space exploration and satellite navigation.

Last month, the country successfully sent three astronauts aboard the Shenzhou XVI spaceship to its space station as part of crew rotation. According to Chinese space authorities, the country also plans to land its first taikonauts on the moon by 2030.

An interactive zone featuring the “Development of the Aerospace Industry in HK” will be available during the two-day event. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

This interactive area is designed to let participants learn about the research and development, application and service areas of the Starlink project and satellites. Real-time satellite images are available for the public to observe satellite components up close.

Meanwhile, there’ll be three other fun-filled zones — a recycling workshop, a racing simulator display area, and a water gummy lab — where families can explore cutting-edge innovative technologies together.

“Hong Kong is now in a golden age of innovation and technology, and talent is the most important element in driving the development of I&T,” said Sunny Chai Ngai-chiu, chairman of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. “I’ve seen many young talents and entrepreneurs at HKSTP who have been working persistently, and many of their researches have already seen the results.”

“Hong Kong Science Fair provides a great platform for primary and secondary school students to develop their creative skills at a young age, which will lay a good foundation for the future development of I&T, and help Hong Kong become an international I&T center,” Chai said.


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