The story of Pramila is illustrative of the results or impact of activities in the area of our operation.

Pramila is an eleven years old girl.  She comes from a very poor family in Bainchua village of Balianta Block. Her father is a daily labourer, and mother a housewife. Pramila has two brothers and sisters. It is a typical poverty-ridden and illiterate household of rural Orissa.
Pramila suffered an attack of Polio at a very young age. Her legs were affected. She  was not able to stand, walk or play independently and became a burden on the poor family. Out of sheer ignorance and lack of guidance, members of her family started neglecting her. A typical example of how a little girl is marginalized by indifference, because of ignorance.


Pramila remained captive within the four walls of a room. No one ever gave a thought to her education or consider consulting a physician or a physiotherapist. The parents saw no future for the child, were disgusted with her and developed a negative attitude towards her.

We came across Pramila two years ago and took steps to improve her condition. A pair of crutches and necessary orthothotic appliances were arranged for her. Neither the members of her family, nor the community showed any interest at that stage. Pramila, however, responded very well to the supportive aids and appliances and soon started walking independently. This brought about a marked change in the attitude of the family and the neighbours. That Pramila would ever be able to walk had been beyond their imagination.
Pramila walked out of her captivity with confidence and grace. She visited her relatives and also got admitted to a school.

Her newfound ability to walk independently has changed her attitude towards life.  She has grown into a very friendly and lovable young girl who can easily make friends with people. The attitude of the members of her family and the neighbours towards her has become quite positive. They have accepted her as a part of the community on equal terms.

Pramila has proved to be a reasonably good student and looks forward to a teaching career when she grows up.  She wants to educate children in a more focused manner so that their attitude towards a child with disability is more positive.

The success story of Pramila has awakened the people of Bainchua village from the deep slumber of ignorance and indifference.
Pramila is now the symbol of hope for parents of many children with disabilities.

Pramila is just an example. A bright example.  But this is not the end of our dreams.  We dream of and are working towards an inclusive world. This dream can be realized only when more and more Pramilas win their rightful place in society.


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