Riya Kadma was brought to our Audiology clinic at the very early age of only five months.

She was identified by one of our field worker, Sushil, at Haripal Block.
She comes from a very poor farmer household. Both her father and uncle are deaf. From her experience, Riya's grandmother detected thr child’s hearing impairment at a very early age. Her family members were resigned to the same future for Riya as of her father or uncle.


But the entire scenario of Riya’s life has been written afresh. PKK's field worker persuaded Riya's mother and grandmother to bring the child to the clinic. Her level of deafness was assessed and appropriate hearing aid arranged for. Counselling her family members, language training for the child, parents' guidance were all initiated at a very early stage. This was very important for the development of the child.

Now Riya is nine months old, wears hearing aid and undergoes regular training at PKK. At present, she is at the babbling stage of language development, almost at par with that of any normal child.

Early detection, arrangement for appropriate assistive device (hearing aid) and training have added up to a better possibility of Riya's inclusion in the mainstream.


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