Audiology Clinic for addressing Hearing Health problems of children and adults, through complete and comprehensive audiological assessments that include :

  • Screening

  • Impedance 

  • Pure Tone Audiometry 

  • Special tests

  • Selection and fitting of appropriate hearing aids

Ear Mould Labortory:

  • Manufacture of hard and soft ear moulds for body worn, BTE Hearing Aids.


Electronics Laboratory :

  • Repair and servicing of hearing aids

  Procurement support :

We offer our services in procuring hearing aid to ensure the quality and specifications.  Electro acoustic properties of all hearing aids are checked through test box before handover to the parents or clients. We also offer training on effective use of hearing aids.  

Psychology Clinic for addressing Mental Health problems of children and adults through complete and comprehensive psychological assessments that include : 


  • IQ and other psychological assessment and identification of children with learning disabilities

  • Psychiatric check-up and medical intervention

  •  Counselling and therapy for children with behavior problems, problems of school adjustment, hyperactivity, attention deficit, etc.

  • Counselling and therapy for adults with personality and adjustment problems



Occupational/Physiotherapy Clinic for addressing problems related to locomotion, spasticity, physical and occupational health of children and adults through

  • Holistic and comprehensive assessment of the orthopedic and neuromuscular disorder.

  • Therapy

  • Assistance in procurement of aids and appliances 

  Since 1998 CRY has been supporting our activities of clinic and guidance programe  

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