With changes in technology, availability of good quality hearing aids, early detection and the legal frame of rights, approach to the education of deaf children has changed all over the world. We, at PKK have also changed our approach, policies and activities to facilitate inclusion, while running special education programmes also for children who cannot be integrated in general schools for various reasons.


Our present role

  • Work with the young deaf children and their families, to enable these children to listen and talk and to integrate them in a mainstream school.

  • Provide special education to those who cannot be integrated for various reasons.


Centre for Inclusion

Detection of hearing loss at an early stage is a major problem in developing countries. However, with the advent of health programmes and increased awareness, early identification has now become possible. Intervention starts immediately after diagnosis of a hearing loss. With the advent of Infant Hearing Screening, our youngest baby was diagnosed at five months of age. Intervention began within two weeks of the diagnosis.  The baby has been provided with appropriate hearing aid. Early diagnosis, appropriate amplification, early intervention, parent participation and parent partnership are the keys to success.

This programme is for the early-detected (0-3yrs) children, who use appropriate hearing aids after proper audiological assessment. It is designed to help the natural language development of these children through an oral-aural approach, for their successful integration in general schools at the right age.

Currently, ninety four children receive support under this programme. Forty two of them have already been admitted in general schools and the rest are being prepared for integration. 

Special School


This programme is meant for those children who cannot be integrated in general schools for various reasons, such as late detection, lack of parental support, economic conditions, etc. PKK is an affiliated centre of the State Open School (SOS) and children in our special school study up to Class X and appear in the secondary examination through this board. Those, who cannot successfully continue up to Class X, undergo pre-vocational training after Class VIII.

The school is a recognized institution of the Department of Mass Education of the Government of West Bengal.
Outreach Programme

There are some children who cannot attend any of the above two programmes because of distance from home, economic factors, late detection, family problems, etc. They attend classes, under the programme of need-based functional education once a week. This is designed to rehabilitate them in future in their locality. Home visits are an integral component of this programme. Currently there are 23 children receiving support under this programme.


This programme receives financial support from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India on regular basis since 1986. It also receives occasional financial support from Department of Mass Education of the Government of West Bengal.


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