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Hearing loss can be treated and prevented by trained and sensible interventions. Still, millions suffer from it in the world.

Statistically, about 360 million people, i.e., nearly 5.3% of the world population suffer from disabling hearing impairments.

Deafness is an isolating handicap. Failure to identify it and its extent at an early age often causes a child to remain mute forever. And deaf and mute children grow up in painful isolation and are frequently misunderstood.

According to the 2011 census of India, 5 million of our countrymen suffer from hearing loss. And 2 million have speech disorders. WHO 2011 estimated Indians to be the highest sufferers on this account.

Amid such alarming statistical data, the lack of trained technologists is appalling. WHO reports that, in South-East Asia, the ratio is a meagre 1: 1 million.

In order to combat the menace of hearing impairment, the country and the world are in dire and immediate needs of trained audiologists and speech therapists.

PKK, in its more than four decades of struggle alongside hearing impaired persons, realize the necessity of an approach that is both technologically equipped, as well as compassionate in character.

The Bachelors' course in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B. ASLP) has been introduced by PKK to cater to those needs.

Objectives of the B.ASLP course:
  • Equip the students with necessary knowledge and skill to function efficiently as audiologists and speech-language pathologists in different work settings, providing screening, diagnostic therapeutic and rehabilitative services to all the persons with communication, auditory, balance or swallowing disorders.

  • Keeping in consonance with the overall vision of PKK, our greater objective is to create professionals who are skilled and at the same time humane, who believes in equal opportunities and rights for all the persons with disorders and disabilities in the society, provides all the necessary services to those who need it, with compassion and upholds the highest standards of ethics.

Recognition and Affiliations
  1. Recognised by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI: List of approved institutes can be seen at

  2. Affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Some of the salient features of the B.ASLP course at PKK College of Education

The course was started in 2016 and currently there are three batches of students, qualified faculties, a range of visiting faculties and the essential infrastructure for practical and application purposes like audiology and speech therapy clinics and special school

  • We have a highly academic environment where we promote interactive learning

  • Multi-media is used as a devise to support lectures

  • Ample clinical exposure with hands-on training under efficient supervision.

  • Individual Guidance and Mentoring

  • We believe in holistic and insightful learning; so as a part of the educational curriculum and to promote a broader educational perspective, students are exposed to different visits, as,

    • exposure to Cochlear implant surgeries ;

    • visit to the anatomy department of NRS (Medical College);

    • attending National Conference (ISHACON);

    • Institutional visits (AIISH, AYJNISHD, IICP, AMRI hospital) for observation of diagnostic and treatment procedures and patient management protocols

Who are Audiologists?

Audiologists are qualified independent health care professionals who provide a comprehensive array of services related to the identification, diagnosis and treatment of persons with Auditory (both peripheral and central), balance and/or related disorders, and their prevention.

Scope of Practice

AUDIOLOGISTS make appropriate assessment and diagnosis of various auditory and related disorders like

  • ear infections,

  • hearing loss since birth

  • noise and drug induced hearing losses

  • tumors etc. ,

and offer treatment of medically irreversible hearing loss in form of hearing aids / cochlear implants as well as provide assessment, diagnosis and management for various balance disorders like vertigo.

Job Opportunities

Audiologists work in various sectors such as:

  • Neuro-otology & ENT units of hospitals

  • Neonatology / NICU units of hospitals

  • Diagnostic clinics

  • Early Identification / multiple rehabilitation units

  • Cochlear implant units

  • Government sector hospitals including medical colleges, district hospitals etc.

  • Hearing aid and cochlear implant manufacturing companies

  • Industrial set up

  • Academic and research institute

  • And…private practice

Who are Speech-Language Pathologists?

Speech-Language Pathologists are qualified, independent health care professionals who provide a comprehensive array of services related to the identification, diagnosis and treatment of persons with Communication and/or Swallowing disorders.

Scope of Practice

Speech-Language Pathologists / Speech Therapists make appropriate assessment, diagnosis and offer treatment of various speech-language related disorders like

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Learning disabilities

  • Stuttering

  • post-stroke loss of language

  • Loss of voice due to laryngeal cancer, etc.

  • Swallowing / feeding difficulties due to post stroke, neurological diseases etc.

  • Articulation Disorders

  • Voice Disorders in professional voice users such singers, anchor, teachers etc.

Job Opportunities

Speech-Language Pathologists / Speech Therapists may work in

  • Neurology & stroke units of Hospitals

  • Neonatal and pediatric units of hospitals

  • Clinics and nursing homes

  • Early identification / multiple rehabilitation centers

  • Regular and special schools

  • Government sector hospitals including medical colleges, district hospitals etc.

  • Academic and research institute

  • And…. private practice.

For more details, please refer to website of Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA); scope of practice

You could explore an exciting career as an audiologist or a speech language therapist!

The Course
  • Nomenclature of the course :– BACHELOR IN AUDIOLOGY AND SPEECH – LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY – Abbreviated as B.ASLP (UGC Notification 2014)

  • The course is of 4 academic years including one year of internship. Each year consists of two semesters. The entire course must be completed within six years from the date of admission. There shall be examinations at the end of each semester.

Eligibility for admission
  • The candidate applying for admission to B.ASLP course should have passed 10+2 examination or an equivalent examination conducted by the Pre University Board of Education of the respective State Government, securing a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry & any one of the optional subjects.

  • The applicant/candidate should have studied: Physics, Chemistry & any one of Biology / Mathematics / Computer Science / Statistics / Electronics / Psychology

  • Candidate must have appeared and secured General Merit Rank in the JENPAUH Examination.

  • Candidate should not be older than 25 years on the 1st July of the year of admission.

No. of Seats
  • The total number of seats for course - 20.

  • Seats are differentiated into Govt. Quota and College Quota. The fees for Govt Quota Seats are less than those for College Quota Seats. Govt. reservation policies are applicable only to Govt. Quota Seats.

  • Govt. quota seats - 4 (2 general, 1SC & 1ST)

  • College quota seats - 16

Clinical Internship

All students shall complete a clinical Internship of one academic year (10 months) after the 6th semester.

Award of Degree

The University of Health Sciences , Kolkata will award the Degree and issue Certificates only after the candidates successfully complete the required University examinations and the clinical Internship. No candidate will be awarded Degree before completion of Internship.

  • The candidate must have appeared in JENPAUH examination and obtain a general merit rank (GMR)

  • The Candidate must fulfill the eligibility criteria as mentioned above

  • The candidates, who have appeared in the examination and have qualified through counselling process should contact the college for further admission procedure.

The B.Ed.Spl.Edu. (HI) course was started in 2015.

The course is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI: List of approved institutes can be seen at andAffilia ted to the University of Burdwan.

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